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Serving the Communities of Ramona & Julian

Ranchita, Santa Ysabel, Warner Springs

Vista Hill SmartCare is pleased to partner with the towns of Ramona and Julian, and their surrounding communities, to help you manage health, emotional and behavioral concerns and help you live in wellness. Our aim is to help you bring body, mind and spirit together for a better life.

You will find our Behavioral Health Specialists partnering with your health care providers at North County Health Services, Ramona Health Center. You will also see SmartCare Specialists facilitating Wellness Activities and Events in your Community.

October 15, 2010 was “The Suicide Prevention Walk for Life” at Ramona High School, a Yellow Ribbon Campaign Event supported by several community agencies as well as the Ramona Unified School District.  Vista Hill’s SmartCare Staff provided related resources, and set up a quiet 'Reflection Area.
  SmartCare Specialists are resonding to community requests for Parenting Classes in English and Spanish, Stress Reduction Workshops and Employment Readiness Workshops. Please contact us at SmartCareInfo@vistahill.org.
  Please refer to our Calendar for all upcoming events.

Vista Hill SmartCare Administrative Offices
1012 Main Street, Suite 101
Ramona, CA 92065
Phone: (760) 788-9725
Fax: (760) 788-9754

Services are available in both English and Spanish. Telemedicine capabilities are available/utilized.

SmartCare Integrated Behavioral Health is funded by the Mental Health Services Act.